Our Church History

Assemblies of God Church Ojoo emerged from Mokola Assembly as her mother church. In order to bring the church nearer to soldier brethren coming from the barracks and to ease their distance problem, the need for having a church closer to the military barracks became necessary.

First, these brethren decided to build a church in the barracks but the military administration raised an objection that only the Roman Catholic and Protestant Church are legally accepted in the barracks. A temporary location was sited at JACON Water Reservoir Area along Ojoo/Iwo Road, Express.

In 1979, the church got an open land belonging to Akinyele Local Government Area at the present Ojoo Barracks Garage. A temporary structure was then constructed pending when the church would be financially buoyant to procure her own permanent site. Due to the fact that church was sited in a market environment, it made the place in-conducive for worship. Nevertheless, few dedicated members still worshipped there.

In 1980, Revd. I. C. Udah then a pastor, was posted to the church as the first pastor. When he came the search for a permanent site began. In 1983, Revd. S. C. Eluka then a pastor was posted to the church and the search for permanent site continued in earnest. During his tenure, the church finally succeeded in getting her present permanent site through the help of Alhaji Mufutau, payment was then done instalmentally but the building could not commence instantly due to financial constraints. Not quite long after the procurement of this present site, Akinyele Local Government gave an order that all structures on her open land be demolished. This became a problem because the church had no money to build their land.

Therefore, the then minister, pastor S. C. Eluka and Elder A. Ogungbemi went to see the Operation Officer for Akinyele LGA to grant the church time to construct a temporary structure on their land. Bless God, the plea was granted.

In 1984, on a Friday, after preparatory class, the Pastors, Deacons and some outstanding members went to two of our mother churches to appeal for financial assistance. Lo and behold there was no positive response from these churches. But thanks to God for Prof. M. O. Akoroda, who loaned the church some amount. In fact, it was the money the church used to construct the present children’s church department which was used temporarily.

As membership of the church increased the need for enlargement arose. This led to the organization for the church’s first lunching with Bro. Udoewah as the Building Committee Chairman. Indeed, the first lunching was a success because the church was able to pay back her debt to Prof. M. O. Akoroda.

Furthermore, subsequent launching were held. After Pastor S. C. Eluka, Revd.  Fasuyi also pastored the church for a month. Revd. Diran Oloyede also pastored the church from 1987-1989.

Revd. S. Akinrinde was posted to the church in 1990 and during his tenure, the church was able to lay the foundation of this present auditorium with Bro. Udoewah still as the Chairman Building Committee. Bro. Udoewah when he went out for peace keeping operation, Dr. Akinosun took over as building committee chairman. Indeed, members gave their best during the various launchings held until Revd. Akinrinde was posted out. Revd J. G. Erinoso continued from where his predecessors stopped. So the building continued until 1997 when Revd. I. C. Udah was posted back to Ojoo. The work continued and thanks be to God the building was completed durin his tenure.The Revd.F.N.Okeke took over the mantle from 2005 and he built and completed the passonage.Spiritual and physical drive for the church were his watchword.

The Revd.A.A.Obe continued from where his predecessor stopped.He gave the church a modern outlook as he started the physical and technological development.The church studio,altar beautification and the mission outfit are ongoing.

In conclusion, the church was blessed with the following ministers who at one time or the other pastored the church.

They are:-

  1. Pastor I.C. Udah                    –              1980-1982
  2. Pastor James Tolabi              –              one month
  3. Pastor S. C. Eluka                 –              1983-1986
  4. Revd. Fasuyi                          –              One month
  5. Revd. Diran Oloyede              –             1987-1989
  6. Revd. S.O.Akinrinade             –             1990-1994
  7. Revd. J. G. Erinoso                 –             1995-1997
  8. Revd. I. C. Udah                     –              1997-2005
  9. Revd.F.N.Okeke                      –              2005-2014.
  10. 10.Revd.A.A.Obe                    –              2014-Date.