Your Path to Self-Development

Taking mountains is sure no child’s play. We don’t just wake up and become the best version of ourselves. I believe there’s a need to develop ourselves for the days ahead
These are some methods I think can help on this path.

1. ASK GOD FOR DIRECTION: Don’t get to the top of the ladder before you realise it was resting on the wrong wall. Understanding purpose will help greatly here. “Find out why you’re here before you die!

2. HAVE A VISION: Vision is the crystal clear mental picture of a preferable future. “If you can imagine it, you can see it; If you can see, you can touch it and then others can become a partaker of it!” Eliminate distractions! What are you imagining or seeing?

3. HARNESS THE POWER OF NETWORKING/SOCIAL MEDIA: It’s amazing how much can be achieved using social media. Be selective about the people you follow on social media, follow only people that reflect your end goal as this can open up opportunities to you. Be careful about the type of content you open your mind to. You can’t do everything alone, collaborate with people, build partnerships or a team if need be. “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” Try to be deliberate about the content you’re exposed to on social media and then access how different your thoughts become. Look out for events, seminars or conferences that would help you in achieving your vision and invest in yourself. Read books! “If you don’t invest in yourself, don’t expect others to invest in you.

4. WORK: Work on your dreams day and night, keep at it. Keep moving and don’t you dare stop! Take an internship if you have to. Don’t be discouraged, it’s all part of the story, just trust the best scriptwriter, God! Enjoy the journey and praise Him through it. You’ll have cause to share your inspiring story with people soon.

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