June 16, 2024


Text: John 5:35; Mathew 5:14-16; Isaiah 60:1-2
Preacher: Bro Aruoture Ezekeil
The testimony of Jesus Christ concerning John the Baptist was that he (John the Baptist) was “a burning and a shining light.” What does it mean for us to be like that? Let’s dive into the Word of God to find out (John 5:35). Means someone who both burns brightly with passion and shines brightly with the light of truth and righteousness. Someone who is fervent, zealous, and radiant in their faith and in their witness for God.
John the Baptist was referred to as “a burning and shining light” by Jesus in John 5:35. This description highlights several key aspects of John’s character and mission:
Fervent Zeal for God: John was deeply passionate and zealous in his ministry. He lived a life of dedication and wholehearted commitment to God’s purposes. His fiery spirit and uncompromising stance on righteousness made him stand out as a beacon of spiritual fervor.
Bearer of Truth and Light: John’s preaching was not only passionate but also carried the light of God’s truth. He boldly proclaimed the coming of the Messiah and called people to repentance (Matthew 3:1-12). His message illuminated the hearts and minds of those who heard him, pointing them towards God’s kingdom.
Role in Preparation for Christ: John’s mission was to prepare the way for Jesus Christ. He fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah 40:3, proclaiming, “Prepare the way of the Lord, make his paths straight” (Matthew 3:3). In this sense, John’s ministry was important in paving the way for the arrival of the Savior, Jesus Christ, who is the ultimate Light of the world (John 8:12).

I. Understanding Our Identity as Lights
Created to Shine: Genesis 1:27 tells us that we are created in the image of God. Just as God is light (1 John 1:5), He designed us to reflect His light in the world. Jesus call us to be light means we should (Shine hope in the darkness, expose evil and injustice, illuminate the path of salvation, reflects Gods character and love and bring glory to God)
Called to Stand Out: In Matthew 5:14-16, Jesus calls us the light of the world. He instructs us not to hide our light but to let it shine before others, so they may see our good works and glorify God. Word denotes (Sharing your faith, living a Godly life, using your gifts, being a positive influence and reflecting God’s glory)
Examples of Burning and Shining Lights in the Bible
Joseph: Despite facing betrayal and adversity, Joseph remained faithful to God and became a beacon of wisdom and integrity in Egypt (Genesis 39-41).
Daniel and His Friends: Daniel and his friends stood firm in their faith despite being in a foreign land, shining brightly with their commitment to God (Daniel 1-6).
David: As a young shepherd boy, David displayed unwavering trust in God when facing Goliath, showing us courage and faith in action (1 Samuel 17).
Two Key Functions of This Light
Light reveals or makes manifest: God expect us to be first a burning light and then a shining one. We have to make our self a living sacrifices for God (Rom 12:1-2)
Light Illuminates: Illuminations is aimed at making manifestation of Gods glory deposited in you
Practical Ways to Shine Brightly Today
You must be born again (John 1-12)
Engage the help of the Holy Spirit (Zech 4:6)
Change your way of thinking (Rom 12:2)
Be honest and trustworthy in all we do, just like Joseph.
Change your association
Follow the example of Jesus in reaching out to others with love and compassion (Luke 10:25-37).
Change the way you do things (Eccl 10:10)
Be humble (James 4:6)
Benefit of Buring and shinning light
Being a burning and shining light, as exemplified by John the Baptist and encouraged by Jesus for all believers, brings several benefits and positive outcomes:
Glorifying God: By shining brightly with our faith and actions, we bring glory to God. Our lives become a testimony to His goodness, grace, and power, reflecting His character to those around us (Matthew 5:16).
Impact on Others: A burning and shining light influences others positively. Just as John the Baptist’s ministry drew crowds and pointed them towards repentance and faith in Christ, our lives can lead others to seek God and pursue righteousness (John 1:35-37).
Inspiration and Encouragement: Being a shining light inspires and encourages fellow believers. When we live out our faith boldly and authentically, we motivate others to do the same, creating a community of faith that supports and uplifts one another (Hebrews 10:24-25).
Guidance and Direction: Like a lighthouse guides ships through rough waters, a shining light provides guidance and direction in a morally and spiritually dark world. Our lives can serve as a moral compass, pointing others towards truth, justice, and compassion (Proverbs 4:18).
Fulfilling God’s Purpose: Each of us has been uniquely gifted and called by God to fulfill His purposes (Ephesians 2:10). As we shine brightly with our gifts, talents, and passions, we contribute to God’s kingdom work on earth, bringing about His will and advancing His kingdom (1 Corinthians 12:4-7).
Personal Growth: Being a burning and shining light requires us to continually grow in our relationship with God and in our character. As we strive to live holy and righteous lives, seeking God’s will and following His Word, we experience personal growth and spiritual maturity (2 Peter 3:18)
God desires us to live as living sacrifices so that He can trust us with greater light to showcase His glory. Be that light to your generation. Don’t let them wait any longer

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