Rev. Dr. A. A. Obe (JP)
January 30, 2022


TEXT: Deuteronomy 8:18; Proverb 10:22; Isaiah 54:3 Matthew 7:17; Proverb 14:23; Genesis 26: 1-5; 12-14
1. Poverty is lack of money or material possession. It is usually accompanied by debts, financial hardship, etc. Poverty is a form of slavery.
2. Financial hardship: This is when life is difficult or unpleasant due to lack of finance (money)
Now, they yoke of poverty and financial hardship is that spirit that does not allow you to prosper, placing one in a serious financial hardship.
These are terrible spirits.
A yoke is a wooden connector that connects two things together; two animals, two people; etc.
Note: Both can be:
1. Absolute – Extremely poor, things extremely hard.
(No money, food, water, access to good health, shelter, education and even information)
2. Relative – When what you have is unequal (you can’t meet up family and life expenses)
3. Situational – due to same event that took place in one’s life (and unpleasant event)
4. Environmental – Based on one’s area (rural or urban, you can’t meet up due to any of these)
5. Generational – When they are inherited ; blood-line problem

The stages of financial Blessing
1. The average – When you start life trying to survive
2. The Rich – Financial growth has started to come, you can do some basic things.
3. The Prosperous – You are having investment, you are becoming a voice among your peers.
4. The wealthy – You spent money as you love and lack is not in your life and generation unborn.
5. The flourish – The generation before you left wealth for you and it has increased in your hand e.g. Isaac – Gen 26: 1-5; 12-14
1. When you have poverty mentally (thinking)
2. When you are poverty addicted
3. When you are having a poverty magnetic spirit
a. It blinds your eyes to see
b. It puts fears in your heart
c. It steals your ambition
d. Your dreams becomes impossible
e. It flashes your past failure to you
f. It sets you backwards.
g. It calls you a looser
h. You lose your faith and believe in the Word of God
1. Commit yourself and family to Christ in prayers
2. Try and understand God’s principles and deliver yourself
3. Plan your life and set a realistic goals for yourself
4. Learn the principle of FAITHFULNESS TO GOD AND MAN
5. Learn to sow and sacrifice to God, His work and Church, men if God and the needy.
6. Speak Faith always even when it is hard – It works.
1. My father, I tear into pieces poverty mentality and poverty magnetic Spirit by fire in Jesus name.
2. Oh Lord, Every spiritual garment of poverty and financial hardship in my life, catch fire in Jesus name.
3. Oh Lord, every power and demon of poverty and financial hardship my life has been yoked to, today by the power of the name of Jesus, I break that yoke, I destroy that power, catch fire.
4. Father in the name of Jesus, let my ministry break forth; let me have greater testimony in Jesus name.
5. Oh Lord, I possess the land where I stay; I take authority over the environment, every power of darkness, and backwardness in that environment, pack your load and disappear in Jesus name.
6. Thou spirit and yoke of hardship in my life today, I change you to the Spirit of prosperity and blessing – Mathew 11:28-30 (Take my yoke upon you)
7. I decree, (*put your name), in the year 2022, I enter the realm of your prosperity in Jesus name.

Rev. Dr. A.A Obe(JP).

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