Olalekan Sanni
November 8, 2020


Topic: No setback
Text: 2 Samuel 5:17: Mark 12:10:
Ministering: Rev O. Sanni
Sunday 08-11-2020.

Setback is defined as:
*A problem that makes a progress more difficult or success less likely
* To slow the progress of, Hinder, Delay.

1. When powers contend with you over your labour or success

2. When wicked ones harvest your struggle

3. When enemies are fighting you and you are still in the same spot

4. When you are returned to the level you have crossed or passed in the progress of destiny

5. When answers to prayers are hindered by evil power

6. When delay is visible in your pace of achievement

7. When those who are supposed to be happy with your progress or success are working against it

8. When you leave your position and unable to operate, have no peace and begin to hide for your life

David- 2 Sam. 5:17-20
Isaac-Gen. 26:18-22

# Rise to fight the Spirit in Prayer
# Wake your inner Man
# Understanding her operations
# Consult or seek divine instructions or directions(David)
# Refuse setback by faith confession
#Disconnect from people that desire no progress
# Connecting to the Next level by practicing the scriptures

*Lord release your fire to destroy every arrow of struggling without result

*Erase by your blood any Carrier mark of hatred and rejection of Setback

*Bitter water that is wetting my destiny labour should dry NOW in the name of the Lord

*Powers assigned to fight me to grave cash fire

*I command every voice of Setback to cease over my destiny

*My Spirit,soul and body refuse to remain on the same spot in d journey of progress

*I receive grace to connect to the Next higher level of my destiny glory

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