Rev. Dr. A. A. Obe (JP)
June 14, 2020


TEXT: JOHN 11:35-45
SUNDAY 14 JUNE, 2020

Divine intervention is God doing something He was going to do all along and calling us to participate in it.
“When we pray for a miracle, we pray because God guided our circumstances in a way that made us want to”,but since God let us pray, we get to be part of the plan He laid out before the universe ever existed.

1. It is promised – Psalm 91:14–15
(You are not permitted to ask for anything that is not in line with the will of God as stated in the Bible. )
(a) Healing is promised.
(b) Deliverance is promised.
(c) Grace to prosper is promised.

2. It is for a purpose.
(Every miracle is done to bring glory to God’s name and to advance the course of the kingdom).
John 11:41,42

3. It is pure.
God will never employ an unholy means to solve your problems.
John 8:3-10

4. It is powerful, so powerful nothing can stop it.
(When God stretches forth his hand to deliver, nothing can turn it backwards).
Isaiah 54:17
*Please note this
(a) Age is not a barrier.
(b) The size or determination or strength of your enemy is not a barrier.
( c) Time is not a barrier.
(b) The gravity of the situation or the problem is not a barrier.
psalm 66:3

5. It is peculiar.
(God can achieve the same result through diverse ways and means).
John 9:6,7

6. It is sometimes progressive. Healing may be instantaneous; divine intervention may be instantaneous sometimes but it is often progressive.
Mark 8:22-26

7. It is recipients participatory.
( You can shut the devil out; you can shut God out also).
Matthew 7:7
*Please Note.
(a)You cannot change what you permit.
(b) God will not contribute to your life what you do not desire, believe Him for or pursue. He said, “they shall call”; there has to be a “calling unto Him.
(c) Your faith is absolutely essential.
(d) Remember, God is not moved by need but by faith.
(e) Faith is the cheque with which we draw from our heavenly account.
(f) Without faith nothing moves. Without faith nothing happens. Without faith nothing changes.
(g) It may be a simple act of obedience, a step of faith, a vow, a seed, etc.

8. It is programmed.
(It takes place at God’s own time, not necessarily at the time you expect).
Ecclesiastes 9:11; Jeremiah 29:11

9. It is perfect. It is complete.
( Lazarus was not only raised back to life, he was healed of the sickness that killed him).
He was raised bound but Jesus commanded that he be loosed and released.
John 11:44

10. It is permanent.
( The Red Sea was the final solution to the menace of the Egyptian army).
Job 5:8-9,14

1. I Declare war against every force of darkness standing on my path to success in the name of Jesus

2. You Power resisting my progress, I send you back to the red sea in the name of Jesus.

3. Every wickedness targeted against me perish by fire in the name of Jesus

4. Every vulture of death targeted against me, die, in the name of Jesus

5. Every satanic investment upon my life, scatter, in the name of Jesus.

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