Rev. Dr. A. A. Obe (JP)
June 7, 2020


TEXT: Psalm 126:1-6; Daniel 3:24-25; John 5:1-9
Ministering: Rev. Dr. A.A OBE (JP)

Divine Intervention, is when God steps in and changes the outcome of a situation. Basically, divine intervention is another way of saying miracle. People point to divine intervention when there is no other explanation other than God for how something turned out. Miraculous healing, people being in the right place at the right time, circumstances that protected someone from harm’s way are all examples of Divine Intervention.

1. There are occasions in every man’s life when no one wants to help. David said – Psalm 27:10

2. There are occasions when those who want to help may fail. Isaiah 49: 15&16

3. There are also occasions when it is beyond the ability of man to help. Isaiah 43:2

Where we need Divine Intervention
1. Our Physical Life. John 5:2-9

2. Our Financial Life. 2 Kings 4: 1-7

3. Our Marital Life: 1 Samuel 1:4-20

4. Our Spiritual Life. Matthew 15:22-28

5. Our Academic and Learning Life. Daniel 1: 18-20

1. Father, I thank You for the privilege of life and also your divine protection in Jesus name

2. Father, I thank you for your unending Mercies and Grace over me in the name of Jesus

3. Father, make me a battle axe in the midst of my peers in Jesus name

4. I command every gang ups of the wicked against me to scatter by fire in the name of Jesus

5. You messenger of death, carry your message back to the sender in Jesus name.

6. You messenger of affliction, I command you to send your afflictions back to the sender in the name of Jesus

7. Let the table of events turn against every evil pursuer of my destiny in the name of Jesus .

8. Let the earth open up and swallow all my full time enemies in the name of Jesus .

9. Let every crystal ball of the enemy used to monitor my progress be destroyed forever in Jesus name.

10. Any power speaking against my progress in life, fall down and die now in the name of Jesus.

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