Rev. Dr. A. A. Obe (JP)
January 17, 2021


TEXT: ISAIAH. 65:21-23 ; GEN. 31:38-42

God wants you to finish whatever you have started. He provided the gift and talents for you to make a way for yourself. For every man or woman to succeed, there is a need for heaven to acknowledge the business, project etc. That is why praying against any abandoned project is a very serious prayer.

In Luke 5:5, “Simon answered, “Master, we’ve worked hard all night and haven’t caught anything. But because you say so, I will let down the nets.”

1. There are some people that have started an assignment for a very long time, a good project, good business and other lucrative assignment but finds it hard to complete it.

2. The spirit of almost there but never there is fighting hard against the success and prosperity of many people.

3. There are some families, who are under the siege of ”profitless hard labour.” Anything they start, it is impossible for them to finish it and celebrate over that thing.

4. The people under these satanic attacks are limited among their peers and are operating on a curse of loss, disappointment and inability to fulfill their destiny. They often encounter constant failure at the edge of breakthrough.

5. Many families today, bread winner are suffering . In another family when the bread winner is successful in his or her career, other siblings will be living a pitiable life.

6. A person could have a wonderful talent, and sharp memory for business, career, and suddenly finds it difficult to prosper because of the powers confronting his or her destiny.

Pray to God concerning that thing/project/assignment/career etc Repent from your sins and other hidden character, call on God to have mercy and forgive you. Call on that ”thing” that has suffered prolonged delay and setbacks to receive the spirit of progress Separate yourself from people who have never welcomed or appreciate your assignment/goals.Break every curse of profitless hard labour and loss, Soak your body into the blood of Jesus, ask God to reveal to you if such assignment/goal is supported by Him. Destroy every monitoring spirit against your progress.If God reveals to you to change your present environment, and you have no means to move away, you may further ask him where to go just like Abraham did. Break every evil covenant and idolatry powers saying no to your blessings. Garment can also halt a person’s progress and plans, change it as soon as possible if that’s the root cause.

1. Lord have mercy and forgive me of all my sins, in Jesus name.

2. By the power in the blood of Jesus, I shall live to enjoy the works of my hands in Jesus name.

3. I refuse to give up at the edge of my breakthrough in the name of Jesus.

4. Angel of God arrest every power sitting on my sweat in the name of Jesus.

5. I break every curse of impossibility affecting my life in the name of Jesus.

6. I refuse to lock the doors of my blessings against myself in Jesus name.

7. Every curse that has chained my hands against my dreams break by fire.

8. My hands cooperate with my destiny in the name of Jesus.

9. Every conspiracy of envious witchcraft against my project, scatter in Jesus name.

10. Father give me the grace to embark on a new project and to complete it on-time in Jesus name.

11. Every satanic sacrifice that has been done on my project site, blood of Jesus silence and destroy the sacrifice for my sake in Jesus name

12. Every foundational demon responsible for failed and delayed project/business in my life, be destroyed by thunder in Jesus name.

13. Every dead project in my hand that has refused to see the light of the day, receive grace and power for completion in Jesus name.

14. Every uncompleted project/assignment in my hand, father help me to complete them in Jesus name.

15. Every satanic embargo placed upon my finances in order not to complete my project be lifted up in Jesus name.

16. Father empower me financially to complete every project in Jesus name.

17. Father whatever mistakes and error I have made in life, that has made my life to be stagnant, by your mercy make my life fruitful in Jesus name.

18. Spirits of stagnation, slow progress, abandoned project, I bind and cast you away in Jesus name.

19. Any strange altar resisting the progress of this project, scatter by fire now in Jesus name.

20. Father whatever I have done wrong in my course of journey in life that has drawn this crisis to me Lord locate me by your mercy and touch me by your hand of mercy oh Lord.

21. I destroy any power that has decided to frustrate my efforts in this project in Jesus name.

22. O! Lord empower this project to go faster and prosper in Jesus name
(Ezra 5 v 1 – 8).

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