Augustine Okoruwa
December 4, 2022


  1. TEXT: I Thess. 5;18, Phil 4:6, Ps 90:12, 107:1-3, Ps 9:1, Ps 130: 3-4, Lam. 3:22

Let us all look back at this year starting from 1st January, 2022 and review the goodness of God to us. Then count your blessings and name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done irrespective of the challenges you faced. As you can see, there must be something to thank God for in 2022

1. You woke up this morning and you have slept and woken up everyday since you were born and since January 1, 2022 and you are in church today. Thanks be to God.

2. You don’t have a Motor bike or Car but you attended every event you had to this year

3. You don’t have a house of your own but you are not sleeping on the streets or under the bridge like some others

4. You are not educated but your children are graduates and/or some are in higher institutions.

5. You are not as tall or slim, or fat as you would have loved it but you have a husband/wife and children

6.Your parents are not rich nor educated but you have graduated from/or in school and not driven away to stay at home

7. You are not prominent nor popular but God knows your name and recognise your voice when you pray, sing, thank and worship Him

8. You are not perfect but God granted you His grace to be a leader/Church worker.

9. You may not have too many pairs of shoes but you are not walking the streets on bare foot

10. You may not have too many clothes to wear but you are not walking naked on the streets

11. You are not in prison or in Police Cell-You are a free citizen.

12: God forgave your sins/iniquities you committed knowingly and unknowingly this year. Otherwise, if God were to judge you,,..,Ps 130:3-4. Be grateful!
13: God answered some of your prayers. Thank Him for these and thank Him for those He will still answer later.
14. You are the only biological child of your parents, but you now have many children
15. You are yet to be gainfully employed after graduation from school, but God has been faithful keeping you alive. There is hope for tomorrow.
16. You were sick, but God healed you or still healing you unto completeness.
17. You travelled by different means of transport and God kept you from accidents/spared your life.
18. You are a student, and you passed your exams. Thank God,
19. You did your National Youth Service Scheme and completed it successfully. God saw you through

It is our season to specially thank God as He deserves and cherishes it. Let your thanksgiving be from a grateful heart.
Sunday Service, Dec 4 2022
Dcn Dr A. Okoruwa

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